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Finals - ugh/What's Yaoi?

Posted on 2010.05.05 at 13:39
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2 finals tomorrow and one final Friday. I am stressed as hell right now. Especially since the Friday one is Anatomy. The regular tests in that class were hard enough.

On a lighter note, a funny story: my mom decided to partake in Free Comic Book Day last weekend and apparently found some manga. She called me later that night to go over her findings and found one that said: "The Masterpiece of Modern Yaoi." (or something like that). I did all I could not to laugh at her innocence. The conversation that followed went like this:

"Me: Um..yaoi is basically...guy on guy/gay porn.
Mom: [shocked] Whoa...oh... I guess we won't be needing it then?
Me: Did they ask you for ID when you bought it? I guess not because you definitely seem to be over 18.
Mom: It was one of the free comics, so I decided to take it. It definitely looks guy-on-guy now that I look at it.
Me: Fair enough, but I remember at Kinokuniya [Japanese bookstore in NYC] you had to be over 18 to buy yaoi/mature manga/yuri, which is girl on girl.
Mom: Oh..."

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